Google Font API

Google just released a Google Font API & Google Font Directory.

Read about it on the Google Code Blog. Check out the drop shadows possible too. This is gonna make the web more faster, I believe. They are stored on Google’s servers, so your bandwidth is spared :) Here’s a quick video tip from Tutplus about the Google Font API

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Google Buzz

Google Buzz id now live !!

Check it out here;

After you login into your gmail account your should see the Buzz icon on your left hand side menu.

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Verrrryy Inddiannn

Quick… Check out now!

Yes, that’s right, it’s VeRRY with 2 ‘R’ s, to emphasise ‘Indianness’!

Started by Vikram Nandwani, these are a set of cartoons, illustrations, sketches, wall art & murals which are available as Limited Edition Digital Prints, signed by Vikram in the following sizes: 10″x10″, 20″x20″ & 40″x40″.
They truly reflect everything ‘Indian’. My favourite one from the Verry Indian collection is the Ambassador.

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