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** Update **

The Google Chrome Browser has been launched now & Whoooo Hoooooo, it is FAST !!

I wish there was a default setting for incognito mode 🙂

The default Font in the url box, seems to be like Verdana, so that will take some time getting used too.

Google gears can be accessed from the “Create Application shortcuts”.

Now, I wonder whether any MS employees will be fired for using Google Chrome or vice-versa 🙂


Google Chrome Browser will be launched today. See here:

I went through all the 38 pages of the comic description of Chrome here;

Google Chrome Browser

This is huge, huge, huge.

It was not a question of will they, won’t they, but question of When? Since Gmail, i think this is the most important products coming out from Google. I guess development for this must have started since a few years, as this is a MAJOR product & it’s impact will be felt in years to come.

In typical Google fashion, it’s a) Open source & b) Has a couple of ‘new & useful’ features & c) Tries to be user friendly.

However the 38 page pictorial description in a comic format here; will not be that simple to understand for the average Joe Smith.

With this product coming out from the Google factory, a major piece of the jigsaw is in place, for web dominion. Running along side is Google Gears, iGoogle, Gmail, Google Docs, etc., sounds scary isn’t it? However, it is a step forward in the right direction. Hope get to review the Google Chrome browser asap today.