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Amitabh Bachchan Blog

The official url of Big B’s blog is

Kudos to Big B for using the net to directly communicate. This way, he does not have to rely on the traditional media to share his thoughts & views. You must be aware of the recent controversy Amitabh Bachchan was dragged into, so he has taken the most effective path to reach out & it has been successful so far.

Bloggers will envy the kind of success Big B’s blog has since going live, check these stats out: day 7 had 900 comments ! and since second week everyday has more than 200 comments or so & most have them start with “Dear Amit Ji”. That’s the kind of adulation & respect Big B draws & i bet that Amit Ji’s blog would be most popular blogs by an Indian actor.

I guess that due to this blog’s success there would be many more Indian actors and filmstars joining the blogosphere. In terms of competition only Rajnikanth or SRK‘s blog would be able to attract the readership that Amitabh’s blog would draw.

On the footer of the blog is noticed this “Theme: Dialy Skin Care”, which is a link to a blog on Daily Skin Care & a typo included. Now, I guess some webmaster at has forgot to remove the site from where he was ‘inspired’ to design this blog theme or if he is trying to sneak this link in then, his job could be on the line, hope he/she is aware of this.

Below is a printscreen of this ‘error’???

The take away from this blog post is;

a) Celebrities do not have to rely on traditional media to connect with their audience. In this case, the timing of the AB’s blog launch has more to do with the current controversy.

b) Achievers in life find time from their busy schedules to constantly explore new avenues, vistas & experiment with new innovative ways to further their cause.

c) It’s never to late to blog, no matter what your age or profession is 🙂