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Iron Maiden Mumbai Press Conference of Somewhere Back in Time World Tour

I had the privilege to attend the Iron Maiden Mumbai Press Conference held at JW Marriott Mumbai, India on 31st January. Thank You Ajay. All major Indian newspapers & their photographers were present for this Iron Maiden Mumbai Press Conference.

Here are some of the questions & their replies from Iron Maiden band members.

1) Why was this tour named as Somewhere Back in Time World Tour.

Bruce Dickinson said that Iron Maiden are now than they have ever been before & that several fans all over wanted to play their greatest hits & favourite songs. Also, because Iron Maiden had a previous album called Somewhere in Time, so it was apt to name this current live tour as2) what are the band member’s favourite concert Iron Maiden songs?

Bruce Dickinson : Moonchild, Rime of the ancient mariner.

Steve Harris : Hallowed by thy name

Nicko McBrain : Hallowed by thy name

Adrian Smith : Moonchild, Rime of the ancient mariner.

Janick Gers : Likes to play them all.

Dave Murray : Rime of the ancient mariner.

3) What does the band think of the current state of heavy metal music like speed metal or thrash metal.

Bruce said that everybody has their own taste in music & everyone is entitled to follow what their music taste desires. Even his son likes/plays thrash metal in which the singer goes…wrrroooohhh [ Bruce imitates a thrash metal vocal intro 🙂 ]

Iron Maiden Mumbai
4) What are the bands comments on 3 guitar line up?

Dave: The sound is lot more heavier, fuller & richer now. Since they are covering songs from the last 30 years, every guitarist’s sound comes across all these numbers.

5) Last year at Bangalore Iron Maiden Concert, all the songs were recorded on a Master track recording system, so would these songs be used anytime?

Steve: We record everything, these can be used later on. It’s important to have all recordings, as every gig has something special which can be used later on.

Iron Maiden Mumbai photos
6) Why is India first on the list of the tour?

Bruce : Well, India is on the way to Australia 🙂 LOL. But more seriously, that the way the flight path has been designed & also India, becuase, there are lots of fans & demand for Iron Maiden in India.

7) For guitarist, what would they advise newbie bands & musicians?

Janick Gers : Practice & more practice. Stick to your style & work hard, very hard.

Adrian : Work hard think of expressing yourself, through your work, to the point in which you evlove your own style.

Afterwards, lot of photo ops, autograph signing followed. I shall post a few pics here later.
You have any good quality pics of the Iron Maiden Mumbai concert photos, let meknow, I can post them here. Thx:)

Bruce Dickinson

Steve Harris

Janick Gers

Iron Maiden Press Conference Mumbai
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