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Well, well, Tata Motors [Telco for me], continues to surprise everyone.
Announcement by Madhavan Nair, ISRO chairman said that Tata Motors & Indian Space Research Organisation are jointly developing a hydrogen car for India which could hit the roads, by as early as 2008. WoW !! That’s some news! Really something that India really needs with every passing day.

When innovators like Tata Motors & ISRO team up, we can expect to have products made specifically made for Indian conditions. I remember when Tata Motors was written off by analysts back in the 1990s & how they bounced back with Indica. Currently they are doing the same with Ace.
I was lucky to be @ Tata Motors, as a trainee & then later see the Indica plant develop as a vendor for Telco.
After Tata Motors announced the Indian Small Car several global auto giants have also taken up that challenge. However, it remains to be seen, how the Indian small car is gonna shape up.

This is the best news from Tata Motors & ISRO so far.
Chake De India !

Read the ISRO announcement here.