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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a couple of posts by Scott Shaffer, in which he ponders whether media convergence, ie Triple Play will bring in a new company which would dominate your box or screens. These would be services like TV, Internet, Voice & Mobile on devices like PCs, Laptops, your mobile phones, PDAs, home telephones, & gaming devices like Playstations, etc.

If this ISP could measure & track all your activities on the above services on the fly as they happen, then they could potentially display relevant advertisements. Google does this currently for ‘Search’.

Scott says that there’s a company already doing this, however he does not mention the name of the company, only a paragraph from their current 2nd quarter financial results which in which their CEO says;

“We believe ******’s ability to report actual anonymous second-by-second program and advertising audience viewership data from tens of millions of set top boxes (STB)s represents a huge technological and informational leap from today’s television measurement standard”

“We currently have access to 500,000 set-top-boxes (STBs) made available to us through different network operators from multiple TV markets from which we are collecting, aggregating
and reporting anonymous, second-by-second data to our development partners.”

“Similar to our ******** service that is collecting anonymous, census-level data representing more than 45 million set top boxes (STBs), we have architected ******* to comfortably scale to handle this same granular level of anonymous data from significantly more STBs in the 110 million U.S. TV households today.”

Well, it was not difficult to find which the company was…….through a ‘Google Search’ 🙂 …..

It’s Rentrak Corporation
Rentrak Corporation

Rentrak Corporation is an information management company serving clients in the entertainment, media, retail and advertising industries.

Here are their quotes:

At under 15$ a share, is it a good takeover target!??
Time will tell….

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Could someone tell me, whether it’s worth buying those shares for 15$ each, let me know….