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Indians in Orkut Rising for sure. Last year Sepetember 2006, the percentage of Indians on was 9%. Today, on 9/11 Sepetember 2007 percentage of Indians in Orkut is 15.93 !!

September 2007
Indians in Orkut Rising

September 2006

Indians on Orkut

Brazil shows a decline in %, because the total number of global users keeps on increasing & this therefore dilutes Brazil’s percentage.
However, Indians are marching ahead, which means that there are 1000s of new Indian users joining Orkut everyday. I have been hearing that even in smaller Indian towns, internet cafes are filled with college & school students who are plugged into Orkutting.

Just imagine, like Brazil if majority of the Indian population were Orkut memebers !! it would bring down their servers for sure 🙂