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This post is a deviation from the usual web related stuff, however it is special, related to India, has a Indian chef’s website, a cooking blog, a Wikipedia entry & therefore is placed under the Lifestyle category.

The Modern Indian Cooking book was launched recently in New York by chef & author Hari Nayak an Indian food consultant. The Modern Indian Cooking book is available on Amazon via this link [aff] here: Modern Indian Cooking
However, on his website you can buy this book with the celebrity chef’s signature, I guess this would a limited edition or so. The buy online page for the Modern Indian Cooking book is here:

According to the author Hari Nayak, this book is…

This book represents our take on Modern Indian Cuisine, prepared using fresh flavorful ingredients, designed to accommodate the modern lifestyle. Indian cooking is often perceived as intimidating due to the use of wide range of unusual ingredients and complex cooking procedures. Our book is an attempt to recreate classic Indian dishes by using simplistic techniques along with a delicious juxtaposition of non Indian ingredients. We have strived to bring traditional Indian cuisine to simplified levels fit for modern living and entertaining, while keeping the flavors and authenticity intact.

Indian Cook Book

Reading about these modern Indian recipes, has left me, well .err..> Hungry! actually, it is the combined effect of reading the recipe & seeing, observing these photos of food.

Check out the delicious gourmet desert & cakes at Hari’s Bake Shop hmmmmm..Yummmmyy !

Even more tasty are these absolutely mouthwatering ice cream patisserie & desserts and entremets at Halo Fete patisserie & cafe @ Princeton, NJ.

Hari’s restaurants page has all the outlets where Hari’s catering & ethnic food is available.

So, which is your favorite Indian food or Indian recipe? Let me know…….Thx.