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Google Local India has been launched. Now every single shop, restaurant, hotel, any small businesses like kiranawalas, professional services like architects, dentists, etc can upload their details which will be listed on Google.

Imagine the enormity of the records database. India has around 1 Billion people. Take say, around 1/10 of them have some kind of business which they can list, so that’s 100 Million. Out of that say 1/100 of them get to post their details on Google Local India, that would be a million records.

Every business listing comes with details like Name, address, contact numbers, best time to call, even photos can be uploaded. There are Reviews too!

Since this service is new, recently launched, Google is displaying results for say, Mumbai restaurants, directly into the Google main results. This is their way of “Product Launch”, no need for any fanfare, just include it into the everyday Google serps.

However, I guess that this will be switched back to the normal Google results & localised [localized] content, ie results will only be shown on
This would be switched back, after they get the ball rolling on submissions from local businesses.

It will be a mammoth undertaking as for verification, currently there are 3 methods, a) SMS Verification b) Local telephone call verification made by Google India. c) Snail mail, Google India will send you a letter to the address which the submitter has provided.

Imagine, if everyone decides that they want option c) Snail mail !!! LOL !! millions of letters to be dispatched. [Not a Green method, Google].

Now imagine, if Google were to keep these permanently & not switch back to the normal Google results. Then, with this one single product, ie Google Local India, thousands of websites would be affected in their traffic, ie, their traffic will go downwards. With this single sweep, all Local search sites, review sites, Yellow pages, travel sites which rely on local city, town & locality based geotargeting are gonna be affected.

However, I don’t foresee them doing this. For rest of the countries, for results like London Restaurants or Los Angeles restaurants, you see the normal Google results not the Google Local for that country.

In my next post, i shall detail out the step by step procedure to list your business in Google Local India.