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Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Reviews

Well, guess what? I saw Jhoom Barabar Jhoom on the first day of release ie, today 15th June !
Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Review
I am neither a hindi movie buff nor a hindi movie critic, in fact i hardly watch any hindi movies. The last one I watched was Lage Raho Munna Bhai an year ago, which means, I watched this hindi movie today after an year or so!

Well, I would not call Jhoom Barabar a movie as such, it is more of a Music Video with comedy in between, or a colorful expression on film, something artistic, with rich colors & hip sound.

I say this because, of a typical hindi movie, what is expected is melodrama, violence, guns, evil villain [ villan 🙂 ], then ‘Maa’, relatives, extended joint family stuff, etc. None of that in this fast paced musical. NRIs from UK, Europe & US would like this Jhum film. However, I don’t think that the average Indian ‘movie goer’ from towns could relate to the French or the Southall ‘ehstyle hinglish’. From the same director, ‘Bunti Aur Babli‘ was a hit were because people from “Chote Chote Shehero Se”, could relate to the film, however, that is missing here. maybe it’s made to earn foreign exchange only 🙂

Having said that, the director has done a great job, by giving vent to his creativity & style. It is more of his way of expressing things which are very cool & hip today. It’s like saying “Balls to the box-office, I wanna do what I want to”, ie., he has not stuck to a formula or recipe for a hit movie. Who knows, could this be a super hit?? Logic says, it’s unlikely, however, things do not happen as you would normal expect them to be…right!!??

Here are some videos from YouTube:
Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Videos

Next is the video of the Making of “Kiss of Love” song, shot at the Tower of London.

This one is a short clip on the making of the song JHOOM on a London railway station.

Then is Making of the song “Ticket to Hollywood” prdominently shot in Paris & London.

Here is the trailer of the song Jhoom Barbar Jhoom

FYI > You can buy ie, download the songs of JBJ online from the Yash Raj Film’s official website here. However it not for Indians residing in India, so basically, rest of the world, apart from India. If you have watched JBJ, please let me know what you think about JBJ The movie.
Anyways, I did enjoy the film & am gonna hit the sack, as in few hours time, I will be attending BlogCamp Pune , see previous post.

Abhishek in Jhoom Barabar