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**Update** July 2008. A new Video Game of Aerosmith has been released.

Like the last concert in Bangalore whose videos I have posted here, this time around too, for Aerosmith’s concert in Bangalore, I would like to post video clips here. Please do email me [ iprashblog AT ]the YouTube links where you have uploaded your videos, so that I have a good collection of several videos here. Cya @ the concert.
Aerosmith Bangalore


Videos of LIVE Aerosmith Concert at Palace Grounds, Bangalore on 2nd June

1) From YouTube: Times Now; News clipping

2) From Youtube, courtesy: jlibson

3) From Youtube, courtesy: Saurabh
Video Snippet: Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry Solo

4) From Youtube, courtesy: Niccindia
Aerosmith Bangalore – Intro