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In my earlier post: It happened in India , I mentioned that I shall re-read this book & post the reviews of selected topics as I read them.
Kishore Biyani
Book Review : It Happened in India by Kishore Biyani with Dipayan Baishya.

After reading this book, a majority of readers would become Kishore Biyani Fans! or KB Fans for sure. Kishore Biyani is addressed as KB or KishoreJi within his organization & friends,

This book is a winner from the word Go.

True to his style & philosophy, Kishore Biyani has included all the people in the book who have made his happen. Not just by mentioning their names, but by interviewing more than hundred people, getting their thoughts in the form of ‘their stories & versions’, in each chapter of the book. Their narrative is appropriately placed within each chapter & their thoughts on that particular topic give a insight from the very people who were involved at that particular stage of the project.

To me, personally the most important part in the book were his views on Trust & Relationships.
These are from pages 192 to 197. I would request you to re-read these pages a couple of times & analyze as to how you or your organization correlates to this.
These pages are under the Chapter: Business @ the Speed of Thought, topic starting from number VII [7], in Kishore Biyani’s book: It Happened in India.
It Happened in India

Here he emphasizes the important of a Win-Win situation between his organization, his business associates and his customers. He says, if you approach your business with this framework in mind, then you shall see benefit in all interactions.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds. To get to that level, every person’s aspirations & dreams have to be understood & more importantly, addressed appropriately. Therefore, to build great relationships, sacrifices will have to be made.

He goes on to say that “Most businessmen make the mistake of creating an environment wherein only then win. They see life only as a competitive arena & not a co-operative one. Relationships are built on principles, and not on the basis of power & position.”

Review to be continued…..