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This blog has been running the new updated pMetrics Blog Analytics from Performancing for a week now. After using this Blog analytics tool for 7 days, here are my comments & views on pMetrics Blog Analytics from Performancing:

1) The stats page loads up fast.

2) The clean & user friendly navigation is a welcome. Simplicity is the key & the guys at Performacing have got this right. At a glance, you can get the holistic picture of your blog’s performance.

3) RSS is useful to have all your daily stats in your Reader.

4) Integration with Google Maps API is great to check out visually where your visitors are coming from.

5) The SPY feature, i guess can get additive, if you have a popular blog.

6) A feature, which I miss is to select more than a days time interval, for view traffic say for a week, month, etc.

Bottom line is that Performancing has a winner in pMetrics.

Click here to go to the pMetrics Blog Analytics Tool Blog Stats