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** Updated 2nd Feb 2008 ** Iron Maiden Mumbai Videos are here.

**Updated News – Edited on 5th Nov 2007 – IronMaiden is playin a LIVE Concert in Mumbai on 1st Feb 2008 Details on Mumbai Iron Maiden, India concert is on the following link**

Iron Maiden Mumbai Concert

Here’s a small Video snippet of the Iron Maiden Bangalore Concert from CNN-IBN

Just as Iron Maiden come on stage to perform, around 10,000 plus fans started shooting on their mobile cameras. It was a breathtaking site to witness these thousands of blue screens, all recording in unison.

1. Iron Maiden Bangalore Live Video – WRATHCHILD

2. Iron Maiden Bangalore Live Video – THE TROOPER

3. Iron Maiden Video – NUMBER OF THE BEAST

4. Iron Maiden Video – FEAR OF THE DARK

All of above videos by Dhanajay

Well, I request those guys to upload their clips on YouTube or anywhere & then send me the links. I would like to paste a collection of the Bangalore Iron Maiden Concert Videos.