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** Updated ** Aaaaaannnd they are Back !!

Sunday 15th February 2009 Iron Maiden Bangalore

Iron Maiden will be playing in Bangalore for the Bangalore Royal Challenge Rock In India Tickets are scheduled to be available from 15th December 2008 through DNA Networks.

Bruce keeps his promise of coming back to India. Iron Maiden Fans who had missed their earlier Mumbai & Bangalore concerts, have yet another chance to watch Iron Maiden Live in Bangalore on 15th February 2009 for the Rock in India concerts.

** Update **

1st Feb 2008: Iron Maiden Mumbai Concert Review of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME World Tour 08” will come here:


S C R E A M for me B A N G A L OR E !
Bruce’s trademark for every city, drew huge response from the Iron Maiden Fans.

Iron Maiden Concert
Iron Maiden Bangalore

I am blogging this from Bangalore now, after the concert, so this could be called as a Iron Maiden Bangalore Concert Review : Simply Awesome !!

I wanted to experience for myself Maiden’s reputation for great Live Performances & boy! they did not disappoint at all.
After first 3 songs from their current album, they sang the old favourites which drove the crowd into a frenzy. Here are the oldies which they performed:

The Trooper
Number of the Beast
Fear of the Dark
Run to the Hills
Iron Maiden
Hallowed Be Thy Name
2 minutes to midnight
Evil that men do.

For all of the above songs, the crowded joined in singing the lyrics, particularly for ‘Fear of the Dark‘, was amazing in which the crowd did the chorus for “oh O oh O, .. Oh O Oh O, …o ..oh..” which was simply great.

I never expected so many faithful Iron Maiden fans, who knew the lyrics well.

The most unforgettable sight was to see around 10,000 plus mobile phones capturing the moment at which Iron Maiden came on stage. There was a sea of Blue mobile phone screens which could be seen & it was breath taking. I guess, there were approximately around 20,000 people, however, we shall have to wait for DNA to give the exact figures.
*Update* Indian Express reports that there were 30,000 fans who had attended, see article link below.
Bruce was energetic as usual, dancing & jumping all over the stage, at one point, he did climb up the metal scaffolding & slid back down. The music was loud & the typical maiden line up of 4 instead of the 3 guitarists. Eddie made an appearance as a soldier with a gun, however, he was briefly there for one song only.

The stage prop had background default image as the one on their current album. Later for The Trooper, it had the Trooper album single cover image & also had Bruce wearing a red jacket & hoisting 2 British flags. After midway, the stage prop had a battle tank gun which could revolve & Eddie as a soldier sprung up, the crowd liked this.

Bruce said that they would be back in India within 17 months. I hope they keep their promise, as I want to attend the next Iron Maiden Live concert in India too.

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Please let me know if you come across any more articles or reviews, so that I can add them here….thx.