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**News Flash – Edited on 5th Nov 2007 – Iron Maiden 2008 Tour has been announced , with their first gig to be played in Mumbai on 1st February 2008. Details on Indian concert of Iron Maiden Mumbai is on the following link**

2008 Iron Maiden Mumbai Concert

Bangalore Iron Maiden Concert

Iron Maiden in India on 17th March at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore !!

The official India Tour page from the Iron Maiden website hardly says anything 🙁

However, all the details of this first ever Indian Iron Maiden Bangalore concert ‘Eddfest’ are here:

Those who had regsitered online for the tickets above, must have received an email yesterday evening about the payment options, which are;

1) Cash on Delivery [for people in Bangalore city only]

2) Demand Draft on Delivery [for people inside or outside of Bangalore city]

3) Outlet exchange here >>

4) For customers outside of India, it says credit cards purchases will be available starting on March 5th.

Iron Maiden Bangalore India

Cya there!