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** Update ** iPhone coming to India officially soon.
No, not Space Invaders, but the iPhone Keynote is flooding my email inbox. I have subscribed to newletters & RSS Feeds for Mac, tech & design related news. Since the past 24 hours, I am being bombarded with discussions on iPhone.

No I am not complaining, just overwhelmed at the amount of threads being generated.


Here’s the run down from MacWorld on Steve Jobs’s Keynote speech which was dominated by iPhone.

Macworld Expo Keynote Live Update Indepth details to his entire 2 hour speech.

High-quality images of Apple’s iPhone

CNN article on How Apple kept its iPhone secrets

Photos from Gizmodo of the iPhone

Slideshow from ZDNet about the iPhone Keynote

A few facts, which I would want to read or point out to people in a couple of days 🙂
These are from & during the Steve Jobs’s Keynote speech at 2007 Macworld Expo:

  • 50% of Macs sold in the USA are to first time Mac buyers.
  • The iPod Nano is the most popular MP3 player till date.
  • iTunes sells 5 million songs a day !!!
  • The iTunes Store has sold 50 million TV shows !
  • Apple has sold more than 2 billion songs on its iTunes Store to date.
  • iPhone price: $499 for a 4GB model with a two year contract & a 8GB model for $599

My take:

  • Since the iPhone runs Mac OS X, I can see in the future, people switching from Vista to Mac OS X, to integrate all their mobile & laptop files.
  • In other countries, will telecom carriers start partnering with Cingular?
  • I can already see several domain names with ‘iPhone’ in it.
  • I guess iPhone will be in the news throught 2007, so we shall be seeing lots of junk mail related to iPhone.
  • At the end of the day, basic commuication [mobile] is more important than music [iPod]. So, on that basis, will iPhone eclipse iPod?

So, this domain name was worth it !!