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Now you can chat with all your Orkut friends on Gtalk.

Goto ‘Settings’ tab & click on Enable.
It would be wise to Select the 2nd option: Let me choose which Orkut friends to include.
Orkut with Gtalk
My Take:

1) If your profile pic has a preety face, then be prepared to get lot of chat requests.

2) I forsee/predict, that many profiles which have preety faces & pics, would have to remove those pics, because they will constantly bombarded with chat requests. In a way that is good [ guess how?]

3) Sales of headsets [mics & speakers] would shoot up !!

4) Cyber Cafes which have those privacy partitions would thrive more.

For newbies…duh… Orkut is a social networking website, founded by a Google employee & Gtalk = Google Talk Messenger [IM]. Google has now integrated Gtalk with Orkut, so that Orkut members can talk [chat with voice calls] with their friends using Gtalk…phew.

In the Future….. G Ads & G Radio Audio ads to be served @ start or end of calls?? based on user profile or content/topic of conversation? or ambient sound?

Gtalk Orkut integration