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Winners of the

Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 must have been contacted by now.

*Edited on 9th Nov* the results have been declared, you read the post on the winners of this contest here:Winners of Google Wordmaster Contest declared

3 winners out of the approx. 3000 participants were to be declared. On several blogs, I have been reading about the anxiety of those who had participated but yet are not aware of the results.

From the Terms & Conditions:Winner Selection and Notification: The winners will be selected from among all eligible entries by a judges’ panel chosen by Sponsor. The judges will review all entries and determine the winners in their discretion. The decision of the judges is final. The winners will be announced on or about 30/10/2006. Winners will be notified within about seven (7) days after announcement date via phone, email, post or overnight courier.

It is preety clear > The winners would be contacted, that’s it. End of story. I don’t understand as to why there is a

hue & cry among several participants for not being informed of the winners. Case of sour grapes, perhaps.
The winner/s may not be a blogger & even if he/she is, he may not want to disclose that he has won. Simple.
Possibly that the winner is away on Diwali Vacation & therefore has not read his email? :)Is this the first contest or compeition that several bloggers have participated in? Look around, there are so many contest for Slogans, Quotes, Photo contests, etc, do they inform all the thousands of participants that they have not been selected?

So, relax…..chill, you participated, that is more important.

Oh Yes, chances are that participants may receive Google Gifts? These guys sure do get:

BTW, Yes, I participated too:)