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20,000 Kms, 6 Bikers, 110 Days, 4 Blogs, 2 Websites,

6 Young Indian bikers, all in their 20s, have embarked on a trip to cover 20,000 km across India. They have started on 15th

August & they plan to be on the road for total of 110 days.

This “The Great Indian Roadtrip” is project by an xBhp, an online biker club, which has gradually extended its offline activities to long rides, general meets, stunts and city rides.

The Great Indian Road Trip

The entire web campaign has been executed execptionally well: Professional graphic design & functionality, captivating photography from serene landscpaes, nice blending of local themes & more.

I guess, this is the work of a professional web & advertising agency, or guys from an advt agency. [correct me if i am wrong]

At the Whagha Border

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List of Websites & Blogs:

The Great Indian Road Trip Website

Official GIR Blog on

Blog on

Blog on

Nokia GIR MBlog

Forum, Photo Gallery, Wallpapers, Press Conference

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The website says here >

That there is a vacancy for another rider:

Team Member Number 5 Backup rider : Will be put on standby in his native town & will be called upon by flight to replace any rider from the core group who wishes / or has to leave in between. Will have to pay Rs 10,000 as refundable caution money instead of Rs. 20,000 ( refundable ) for the main core members.

Location: Any city in India

Responsibilities: The following talents besides having considerable riding experience wil be preferred : Photography, computer graphics, writing.

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