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City of Pune on Yahoo India
Yahoo India has launched a city site for Pune City. This is part of the ‘Yahoo India Specials’ series, earlier Yahoo India Specials were for seasons & festivals. This one seems to be the first for a city.

This launch was announced in local city newspapers yesterday & saw one advt today too. I guess these ads in local newspapers are to draw more advertisers for this city, otherwise, why would Yahoo India spend on advertising about their Pune city site to Pune people? Most of the info there is know to local Pune people (nothing new there for us).
Here’s the ad from local newspapers below:

Pune City on Yahoo India
Since this has just recently been launched, there are few entries, for example: The restaurant review has only one restaurant reviewed so far.

Then there is Ashtavinayak Darshan, which has all the facts & figures. The content was Not directly Copy-Pasted from any other existing websites….However, the content writer has done a good job of altering the original content, sentence by sentence. No harm in that, because, Yahoo India is doing a good job of having all this information online.
The UI can be improved over a period of time, as this sectioned is developed over time.