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This is about an article in today’s rediff here>

Garbage too can make you rich, which is actually Forbes syndicated content, orginal here > Dirty Money by S. Dinakar and Michael Freedman.

A very interesting article which goes to say that European companies like Veolia Environmental & others are looking for larger markets, as their homebase is saturated.

Veolia Environmental is into water, energy & waste management, employs around 30,000 people & is listed on NYSE. In China, Veolia handles 20,000 tons of garbage per day, it’s revenue from Asia hit $1.7 billion in 2005.

Well, it’s good to have our cities cleaned up by outsiders, is it? Losing foreign exchange in the process [ & more of self-respect…or pride??…or none?].
It’s like employing someone to clean your own shit. Cleanliness begins from self, our own personal habits. We spit on roads, small things like just throw candy wrappers around, do it..i know.
Well, if we cannot clean up our act, then it shall come to this: a multinational comes to clean your locality. Wake up now, if not you, then, at least teach your children good manners from an early age.