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The site is now Live: CNN IBN Forum for students (CFS) is here;
CNN IBN Forum for students (CFS)
Pune has been selected or rather students from Pune colleges have been selected by CNN IBN , for a new initiative for students to express their thoughts & views online on IBNLIVE
CNN IBN Forum for Students (CFS)

Students studying in Pune colleges have to become members of this CNN IBN Forum, after selection, they can blog on ANY national or international news or events. The blogs of these Pune students will be shown on

At the end of an year, CNN IBN, will review the comments on these blogs. Top 50 rankers will receive Certificates from Rajdeep Sardesai. These certificates will mention the how the Pune student’s views on national & international news & events were accepted by people.

Some students will get to appear on Rajdeep Sardesai’s show: ‘The Verdict’, met Rajdeep & rest of the experts on the show.

The whole idea of CNN IBN Forum for Students is to get youth involvement in reading, sharing & providing their opinions on news & events. So, this is basically, making good use of ‘Freedom of Speech’ at a international level as IBNLive has a global audience primarily with Indian news & events in focus.

Students will be benefited, in turn from the response they get on the comments on their blogs. Students through the feedback on comments, would know how acceptable their views on issues are, when they would soon have to face the ‘real’ world, when they step out for employment.

I personally feel that this is a great opportunity for students, you lucky Pune college students! Join now, here are the details. Simple, just write an email to Shilpa Dhamija.

Students studying in Pune colleges, who would be interested in applying for the CNN IBN Forum for Students (CFS) should write to Shilpa Dhamija here:
shilpa.dhamija @

You can now register on the site itself, instead of writing of Shilpa.

Forum for students

Author: prash

Hiya All !! Prash from Pune, India.

16 thoughts on “CNN IBN Forum for Students (CFS) – Pune bloggers”

  1. hey, iam ayush doin my mba from this is something iv been lookin fr a long time..great going…best wishes..

  2. This is a great opportunity for architectural students in Pune. I hope you make good use of this opportunity

  3. wow a nice opportunity for blogger get jet set their carreers in blogging~~~hope this pilot peoject also launcehes in mumbai~~something resembling “LEAD INDIA” I suppose~~~

  4. well this definetely seemslike the perfect oppurtunity to house your ideas on a forum that’s not just powerhousebut can bring about a revolution on the front of conctructive critique and blogging.
    great work and keep posting
    best wishes

  5. hi,i am tushar,right now doing law at ils law college,pune.i would like to thank u 4 initiating this kind of a programme speacially 4 college students.i think this will definitely improve the public participation of students which will help in the fast growth of our india!!!!!!

  6. I think it is a great platform for students to present their views on all current issues and to receive a good feedback from the readers

  7. Who is responsible for the hockey debackle?

    It is every one including the cnn ibn is resposible for the Hockey debacleby not giving enough coverage for this wonderful sports.Every body is behind the big money of cricket.Including the underworld and the politicians.
    Last year india won the asian cup beating souh korea by 7-2 .Whether any channel telecasted the match.At the same time the channels are behind the fancy cricket stars.
    Is our cricket victory is so great at Australia.It only defeated an out of form old warrior.Even srilanka thrashed Australia.

  8. today education system is only creating recovering agents,and few servents why? who will be responsible for this ? again system and system made by u and me. why educated people want to do job only? So many question every day when i enter my college i saw so many parents sitting on the college for admission and i ask question to my self who should bother for them system or their own child.i feel for NEXT GENERATION master in the number game is the key to survive in this rat-race.Our education system should teach us how to ask questions? rather than only give answer,after 50 years of freedom still we are following british education system WHY?

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