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Gmail for your Domain Name – Website

Latest offering from Google here >> called as “Google Apps for Your Domain” was released today.

This is a boon for small businesses, blogs, personal websites & other non-citical mail applications. Google will host your email account for free [as of today]. This is not only for Gmail, but also Google Talk, Google Calendar & Google Page Creator.

So, essentially, you get all the functionalities of the above hosted for you for free ‘On your own Domain Name / Website’.

For Google this is 1) Yet another way to increase their Adwords inventory, 2) Make their mail service more popular, ie get more users to Gmail 3) Get user for their other products which should follow here… like say.. Writely , Spreadsheets & more.

Colleges & Univs can also avail this students, something like from yesteryears.

But, bottomline is that this is a good service for small business owners & personal blogs.

See print screens of pages below:

Gmail for your domain

Gmail for your website

India Village website on Yahoo News

Just came across this article in Yahoo News > >here > which says >> “Indian village uploads itself onto Internet”.

Well, this sounds very much like 1999, when these kinda news were for larger cities. The difference here for this village is, well, it hardly has much to go by, in terms of infrastructure, etc. The village name is Hansdehar in Haryana & the website is

Now, since this news post is in Yahoo News, it would get lottsa coverage for sure, however, I am very anxious to find out, say 6 months from now, or a year later, as to how much has this really benefited the people of Hansdehar. Lets hope for the best.