Verrrryy Inddiannn

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Yes, that’s right, it’s VeRRY with 2 ‘R’ s, to emphasise ‘Indianness’!

Started by Vikram Nandwani, these are a set of cartoons, illustrations, sketches, wall art & murals which are available as Limited Edition Digital Prints, signed by Vikram in the following sizes: 10″x10″, 20″x20″ & 40″x40″.
They truly reflect everything ‘Indian’. My favourite one from the Verry Indian collection is the Ambassador.

Harley Davidsons on Memorial Day

I was fortunate to witness 1000s of Harley Davidson motorcycles in Washington D.C. today ie, Memorial Day. This was because Rolling Thunder, a Vietnam War POW-MIA group was holding its 21st annual gathering.

FoxNews reports around 350,000 motorcyclists !!,2933,358085,00.html

President Bush was made an honorary member of Rolling Thunder today. It was a spectacular site to see these 1000s of Harleys today & I must have clicked around 100 or more pics of these beauties today. Will be adding these pics here in a couple of days.

Iron Maiden Mumbai Videos

Iron Maiden Mumbai Videos of Live Concert from the Somewhere Back in Time World Tour 2008

These are bootleg videos shot by fans attending the Mumbai Iron Maiden Concert of Somewhere Back in Time World Tour, these Iron Maiden concert videos are from Youtube & the quality is poor, but hey it’s Maiden! so any Live concert performance video footage rocks

Iron Maiden Mumbai – Powerslave Video- Feb 1, 2008

Iron Maiden Mumbai Video – Hallowed Be Thy Name

Bruce speaks about coming to India many times again in the future & then starts with Wasted Years – at the Iron Maiden Mumbai Live concert

Video of Eddie as he appears as Cyborg during the song ‘Iron Maiden’ at Live performance of Iron Maiden at the Mumbai – 1st Feb 2008 to kickoff the Somewhere back in Time World Tour 2008

Heaven Can Wait Video in which several fans join & has Bruce climbing up & running all over the stage.

Only 10 seconds Video of The Trooper from Iron Maiden Mumbai concert

If you have any good quality photos of the Iron Maiden Mumbai concert pics, let meknow, I can post them here. Thx:)