ICICI to employ 40,000 people a Year

The Financial Times today reported that ICICI will employ 40,000 people a Year, every year for the next 3 years !! This was reported during an interview of K.V.Kamath with the UK based financial daily.

On 7th Sepetember, there was a similar news: TCS plans to recruit 30,000 people this year !!

Similarly, if you trackback over this financial year, you shall find that all major companies in India are hiring in 1000s.

From the Financial Times article:

The problem of talent shortage that faces the nation’s infotech sector is also plaguing the banking, finance, insurance and manufacturing sectors too. The supply of talent is just unable to keep pace with the Indian economy’s growth rate, causing a major shortage, said the daily.

Well, with the shortage of qualified people salaries are going up, & with more companies announcing their mega hiring programs, I wonder as to “From where are we gonna fill this gap?”

TCS, Infosys, Wipro & others have already started hiring people from outside India. I can see that, in the near future there’s gonna be an influx of people from countries in Asia migrating to India in large numbers.

Where do we go from here??

Where do we go from here?

“Local Search” by Google for takeovers in India

According to PTI [Press Trust of India], Google is in talks with several Indian start-up companies with unique and innovative business models, particularly in areas like voice and SMS-based advertising.

A Google spokesperson told PTI: “Our M&A strategy has been to look for unique products, technologies and engineering teams that can help us provide innovative products to our users or enhance existing services.”

Google India - Hyderabad Googlers

Google India website has a job opening for the position of Corporate Development Manager, South Asia, to be stationed in Mumbai or Bangalore, who would look after the development and execution of market strategies that drive market expansion opportunities.


Click on links to view this story featured in Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Business Standard & The Hindu.

Google Hyderabad Office Interior
Indian Hyderabad Googlers Googlers at Hyderabad India

Indians on Orkut on 3rd position

I was discussing with my friend Umesh about the popularity of Orkut in South America here, in which I said that “I predict that at this rate Indians would overtake Brazilians”, Umesh pointed out that Indians are 3rd on Orkut after Brazil & USA.
Indians On Orkut in 3rd position
After seeing the statistics, i don’t think, that Indians would overtake soon.
You can view the stats by clicking on Demographics here