Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006

The Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 was conducted simultaneously in 10 cities across India, these cities were Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kochi & Indore.

According to Google reps this competition is the first of it’s kind conducted by Google globally. Per city there were 300 selected participants, so 3,000 participants in all !!

Participants were given 20 keywords, from which they had to write an essay [minimum 150 & maximum 200 words].
45 minutes was the time limit to complete this.

Goodies by Google given to participants were a Google Bag containing a Pen, Keychain & a Writing pad, obviously all with the Google Logo.

3 winners out of 3000 participants of the Google Wordmasters Challenge 2006 will be announced on 30th October 2006.

Here are a couple of pics from Pune.

Google Wordmasters Challenge in Pune
At the Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune.

Prash @ Google Wordmasters, Pune
Prash from @ Pune Wordmasters

Google Book Search requires more Indian publisher partners

Google has tied up with Indian publishers like Orient Longman, Sage Publishers, Roli Books, Orient Paperbacks, Diamond Publications and New Age International for it’s Google Book Search application.

Gautam Anand, strategic partner development manager with Google said “We have already tied up with thousands of publishers in the US and UK and are now in talks with several Indian publishing houses over the past few days,”.
Google Book Searching
This is a boon for Indian publishers, because, due to the craze for everything Indian nowadays, people are reading more on India & trying to get their hands on all India related stuff. So, people from abroad end up searching for more India related books. This way, the Google Book Search reaches a far more audience (global, in fact) for the Indian book publisher, who cannot have a global ad spend. The best part is that the Indian Book Publisher does not have to ‘pay-up’ to join, infact, they earn from the advertising revenue share.

Google Book Search
Here’s the official explaination:

How does Google Book Search work?

Finding books with Google Book Search is as easy as finding websites with Google Web Search; just enter the keyword or phrase you’re looking for into the Google Book Search box. For example, when you search for “rock climbing” or for a phrase like “one small step for man,” we’ll find all the books whose contents match your search terms. Click on a book title and you’ll see basic info about the book just like you’d see in a card catalog. You might also see a few snippets – sentences of your search term in context. If a publisher or author has given us permission, you’ll see a full page and be able to browse within the book to see more pages. If the book is out of copyright, you’ll see a full page and you can page forward or back to see the full book. Clicking on “Search within this book,” allows you to perform more searches within the book you’ve selected. You can click on any of the “Buy this Book” links to go straight to an online bookstore where you can buy the book. In many cases, you can also click “Find this book in a library” to find a local library where you can borrow it.