Goshala – Cow Shelter in Radha Kund

This is really touching. See this >> http://www.radhasurabhi.com/

A german lady, Friederike Irina Bruening, now Sudevi Dasi has been living in Radha Kund, UP, India since 1980. What she has achieved is truly remarkable. Over a period of last 15 years, she has nurtured and cared for neglected & abandon cows in Radha Kund. Today, 350 cows and calves are provided shelter by Sudevi Dasi’s Radha Surabhi Foundation.

A quick search led to more Goshala sites in India, which are as follows;

http://www.goshala.org – Mahavir Goshala.

http://www.goshala.com – Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala.

http://www.goulokabrindaban.org – Amruthdhara Goshala.

http://www.love4cow.com – Love 4 Cow Trust.

http://www.jayamgoshala.com – Sri Jayam Trust.

http://agrohagaushala.com/eng1.html – Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala.

http://www.krishanbalramgooshala.com – Krishan Balram Gooshala Trust.


http://www.govigyan.com – Go-vigyan Anusandhan Kendra

A directory of Gaushalas in India statewise is here;

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  1. I am based in Siliguri where I want to start cow project of arround 25000 cows. For this project I want to purchase cows. Please let me know if anyone can please sell so many cows.

  2. Please let me know whether you have any goshala near Pune as we want to offer our services for upkeepment of the same.

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