Green Google Green

Just read on Techcrunch that announced today that Google will be spending in 2008 ‘tens of millions’ of dollars on R&D into research related to renewable energy

Google’s official Press Release is here:

I recall a cartoon from the 80s, Inspector Gadget, whose theme song went like this > Go Gadget Go

So, this initiative from Google makes me wanna say… Green Google Green 🙂

BTW, also found out that the domains & are registered by someone other than Google!

Author: prash

Hiya All !! Prash from Pune, India.

3 thoughts on “Green Google Green”

  1. Hi Prashant

    How are you doing? Long time…
    I can see your love for Google … but it’s an important step that Google have taken and I hope all others follow the suit and realize the thereat that Global Warming is posing to our existence.


  2. @ Tarun

    Hey yes, Tarun, long time indeed. Fine here, how are things @ your end? Yes, this is the age & time that every person & org should do their bit for Mother Earth & the best way to start is by setting an example ourselves!

  3. yeah i have always liked the attitude of google~~”dont be evil” sets them appart fom their competitors~~~very cool initiative from google~~~wish them best of luck~~~may be this initiative is inspired from AL GORE~~~

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