Professional IT Professionals?

A couple of days ago, I met a guy who is currently working with a MNC IT Company. He graduated last year & now has around 14 months working experience. He proudly introduced himself as an ‘IT Professional’. After a few minutes of discussion, I found out that the topics which he claimed he had in depth knowledge in his CV, was not really true. I have heard some many people calling themselves as ‘IT Professionals’ over the last few years, & I wonder …

Anyways, I think that the problem really lies in the way this phrase has come about over the years. People do not say that ‘I am in the IT profession’, they prefer to call themselves ‘IT Professionals’. So, does that mean that doctors are not professionals? 🙂 It’s just that a person with a medical degree is called a Doctor & a person who has graduated from with a college of Architecture is called an Architect.

However, people with computer certification course or degree end up calling themselves as IT Professionals! In fact, in my line of work which is SEO, there’s no formal degree as such & therefore we have many people calling themselves as SEO Gurus, SEO Analysts etc.

So, bottom line is that I should not really be blaming these guys for calling themselves as IT Professionals, however the problem arises only if you are not professional in your work itself & then go on to call yourself as one. I just realized that this has been my first post without a linkout!

Author: prash

Hiya All !! Prash from Pune, India.

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  2. well the professionalism is a subjective issue~~some people are ~~~and some people are not so quite geralizing the whole issue would be wrong on our behalf~~~cause if we didnt had professionals ~~~IT wouldnt hav been a priority in the economy

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