Book Review – It Happened in India by Kishore Biyani

In my earlier post: It happened in India , I mentioned that I shall re-read this book & post the reviews of selected topics as I read them.
Kishore Biyani
Book Review : It Happened in India by Kishore Biyani with Dipayan Baishya.

After reading this book, a majority of readers would become Kishore Biyani Fans! or KB Fans for sure. Kishore Biyani is addressed as KB or KishoreJi within his organization & friends,

This book is a winner from the word Go.

True to his style & philosophy, Kishore Biyani has included all the people in the book who have made his happen. Not just by mentioning their names, but by interviewing more than hundred people, getting their thoughts in the form of ‘their stories & versions’, in each chapter of the book. Their narrative is appropriately placed within each chapter & their thoughts on that particular topic give a insight from the very people who were involved at that particular stage of the project.

To me, personally the most important part in the book were his views on Trust & Relationships.
These are from pages 192 to 197. I would request you to re-read these pages a couple of times & analyze as to how you or your organization correlates to this.
These pages are under the Chapter: Business @ the Speed of Thought, topic starting from number VII [7], in Kishore Biyani’s book: It Happened in India.
It Happened in India

Here he emphasizes the important of a Win-Win situation between his organization, his business associates and his customers. He says, if you approach your business with this framework in mind, then you shall see benefit in all interactions.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds. To get to that level, every person’s aspirations & dreams have to be understood & more importantly, addressed appropriately. Therefore, to build great relationships, sacrifices will have to be made.

He goes on to say that “Most businessmen make the mistake of creating an environment wherein only then win. They see life only as a competitive arena & not a co-operative one. Relationships are built on principles, and not on the basis of power & position.”

Review to be continued…..

Author: prash

Hiya All !! Prash from Pune, India.

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  1. i read in one of the reviews for this book….”if u wanna read a book on entreprenuship..this shud b the 1st one”…..the nxt day i picked up a copy of this frm one of the BigB stores…..and i cudnt beleive tht i actually got so soaked up in reading tht book tht i completed it in 2 days ( well im not the kind to read much books ..and tht fast not at all)….
    The best part of the book was whr old and new startegies were being compared and thr was “competition in old strategy and his new strategy..partnership”….tht was really challenging….i mean in the present scenario….thinking of making ur competitors ur partners, HATS OFF…..and thn the story of white shirts was whr i really went thinking like Mr. Biyani…
    Thrs much more to this book thn just motivation, inspiration and business strategies.
    waiting for one more book of this kind..can any1 suggest me one.

  2. magnificent, fabulous, gorgeous, sensational, terrific, awesome, marvellous, excellent, outstanding, extra-ordinary.

    a must read for every entrepreneur

  3. which is the inspiration behind the Concept of Big bazaar?
    Is it Sarvana store or Nilgiris or World famous Giant Wal-mart

    Pls. reply

    Best regards,

  4. @ Sohan

    Hi Sohan,

    From the official book ” It Happened in India “, Kishore Biyani says that he visited a store in South India, so was it “Saravana store” or “Sarvana store” ? [typo?] Regd, Wal-mart it’s easy to say that all the new recent retail formats have been in someway or the other inspired by it (WalMart)

    I guess, you should know better, as your email ID says 🙂



  5. Its always inspiring to hear from the great men who do things their way. Nevertheless the biographies, especially the autobiographies are rated as boring (even though they are enriching) especially to the restless readers… But this one is different. The think tank, the father of Modern Retailing in India is set out to magnetize the readership of the young and the not-so-young with the same paraphrase that he has spread around.
    Kishore Biyani, with little help from Dipayan Baishya moves smoothly from his school-college days, his first entrepreneur endeavors to his stint in movie making and team building experience in his book, lets call it his autobiography (the book was intended to be the Pantaloons Story, but eventually it turned out to be his autobiography) and dishes out a motivating interest in his pursuits.

    The plot of It happened in India moves around retail strategies of a baniya and his conviction in himself while most of his ideas were rubbished by the then retailers and his family too.

    But the book has its share of weaknesses too. He has crammed the pages with testimonies from his business associates that initially provide for a refreshing change from the Gyan that he drops every now and then. The overdose of the testimony thwarted the flow and most of the times seemed to be made up.

    Nevertheless the author repatriates to the Indian way of retailing and provides a hand book for the emerging entrepreneurs and dreamers.

  6. Sir your book was really fabulous…i truly say i am very much inspired by it….nd its my guarantee who ever will read it,he will definately find a new world around him….Thanx a lot for such a inspiring book….Waiting for the another edition soon!!!!

  7. this book is really good for a young they have given how they come into picture by after their hard endeavour to achieve their is good in point of view of layman. but the most absurd thing is that though it is autobiography still no. of author has written their view on behalf of kishore. which not sounds well to say is looking like the autobiography of PANTALOON itself not KISHORE BIYANI. the intresting thing in this book is “if u say that it is the brand ambassador of big bazar then it will not a laughablething” because the price of the book itself shows that”IS SE SASTA AUR ACHHA KAHIN NAHIN”.

  8. I am an avid reader of biographies and can say , this is the fantastic one which i read so far. This is so inspiring, so simple and so good that I will recommend it to each and every person.Actually nobody has recommended this one to me, neither I read its review earlier anywhere, but two days back- I just saw it in a book store and grabbed it as I read a lot about kishorji , in business magzines in last two years. S I was actually curious to know his story. And I am so much moved by this that I would like to gift it to people who would love to read it in Hindi too. can anybody , please tell me if it is printed in hindi too?
    This story of kishorji says that we Indians can grow without aping west too!
    I finished this book just in 2 days. Once you will start it, you won’t be able to leave it in between, beleive me. Its having a magnetic potential. Good job done , mr Dipayan Baishya(The author)

  9. yes this book is so interesting.
    by reading this book i have learned so many things…
    like how to face some hard situations
    and how to maintain ourselves in such situations……
    yaa definitly this book is quite interesting and we cant just leave it in the middle not until we complete it.
    its even very easy to read that book because it will hardly take two or three days to complete it………

    your reguards,

  10. a must read book for one who want to establish retail chain like bigb i must say that you need to implement KB’s ideas and sort out your ideas again and please do not compare it with kb’s because there is no comparison with you and kishore biyani signing of and saying a must read book thank you mr.Kishore.

  11. yes this book is so interesting.
    by reading this book i have learned so many things…
    like how to face some hard situations
    and how to maintain ourselves in such situations……
    yaa definitly this book is quite interesting and we cant just leave it in the middle not until we complete it.
    its even very easy to read that book because it will hardly take two or three days to complete he is the king of retail market no one from whole world can’t beat him .he is my idol…………

  12. Dear sir

    Your book is inspiration for us.
    I would like to know more about the flexi time jobs section for women. since i could not get any of your email id i thought this is the right thing to ask about it. Please do the needful since it is a great opportunity for us.

  13. Hi every body,

    Can any give me the e-book of “It happened in India” I have to give a presentation on this topic. It will be great if any body can help me regarding this!!

    Email ID :

  14. A great book by a great person! I am not so fond and used to reading books albeit articles only. I picked up this Book in CP in New Delhi from the round book store on Janpath while accompanying my friend who was buying a Novel. I picked this book although I had heard a bit about KB and the Big Bazaar etc. This book has come inmy lap at the time I am going through most distressful period of my career (where I was given an opportunity to lead an enterprise by an MNC and later withdrawn abruptly mid-way. I must say that I got glued to this book and kept wondering that how simple things can change the course ahead. KB – I am your fan from now for giving me such knowledge through your Book and expereince which hardly any CEO bothers or finds time to do amidst such a rising enterprise.

  15. Yes its a nice book….very inspiring…our young generation imagines all CEOs to be fancy looking. And every entreprenuer to be from IIM Ahemdabad. Kishore ji’s book dispels this myth like none other. All you have to do is beilieve in yourself. Life will have ups and downs but a go-getter still manages to come up after each down. Interestingly Kishore ji also points some really great books…he just goes on listing all good business books ever written. Makes you wonder if the man sleeps at night…He also mentions how inportant IT is for retail business and talks about IT Service Management…which is interesting part…!! Over all its a really good book. Just like Gandhi ji’s “The story of my experiments with truths” this book has also been priced at a very cheap price. To reach a wider audience….but just like it…its true gold!!

  16. Hi! Well their is only one word that describes this It happened in India book ” Awesome ” . Probably one of the best marketing books I have ever read. I would suggest everyone to have a go as this book is going to teach you so many things.

    Best Regards
    Abhishek Sircar

  17. I am an entrepreneur myself and have been into business for close to 8 yrs, but after reading Kishore Biyani’s book I have made him my GURU . The only person to adore in the Indian industry after J.R.D. Tata , Dhirubhai Ambani and Ratan Tata is Mr. Biyani. Amazing book . Inspiring and at the same time very neatly written to make sure the reader does ot get bored. All the best to his business ventures.

    Sudeep Singh
    ICS Consultancy Services.

  18. this is the inspiring book to all who beliefs in them self…bcoz success belong to differences not in similarities ..
    KB’S life is inspiring to all youths who want success in their life….

  19. this book will really inspires those who like to have thier own ventures, it also gives a message that it`s not necessary to be professionaly educated,if u have the attitude within then just go for it and always think about the pros. and keeping in mind of the cons.

  20. this book motivate to create (sone ki chiriya) new India. kishore ji ne retail ko to bohat big kar hi diya hai ab be jis prakar other maket ko bhi capture kar rahe hai jo ki India ko ek nai disha deta hai………..

    Prakash Modi


  22. I heard a lot about this book , yet to read it . . . is ebook available for t
    he same……

  23. i picked up this book because i was working on one of my project on big bazzar and one of my friend asked me to read this book.i liked this book personally because its actually force u to think that what a common man can actually think and how one can puts his kind body and soul just to set up his career.two things important in ones life is self confident and self belief.the way kishore biyani completely changed the idea of consumer buying behaviour hats off to him…

  24. this book is really a Geeta of indian retal industry. whatever we told about this is less than its contribution…

  25. Hi,
    After seeing all your comments i was very eager to read the book. but i am not able to get the book from futurebazzar. Can anyone help me where i can shop or read this book online.

  26. It was a great book. truly inspirational and i would like to recommend the same to all my friends and colleagues. I am frequent to Big Bazaar and Life Style. My way of looking at things have changed towards these great outlets. STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Please get into exclusive electronics and see. You can make the other showroom walas a run for the money.


  28. yet i have not read this book but the comment what other are giving it really tend to my mind to read now ,i am also preparing for MBA, i think it will fantastic to know kb

  29. Just started reading this book after much contemplation. Although the story is about this person from a very well to do family with entrepreneurship as a family skill…what i liked till now is how KB did not give up at any stage. He grew inch by inch and waited for his turn. Amazing vision and scaling techniques.

    Good Read.

  30. I am a person who is not much found of reading books. I am A BBI student n my mam gave it to me as an assignment to read any marketing book. Prof. Kulwinder suggested me this book.I have become a great great fan of Kishore biyani. Sir your marketing n managing strategies r outstanding. they teach us how do do things the Indian way..I would recommend all management & marketing people to plzzzz read dis book.

  31. IT HAPPENED IN INDIA is a wonderfull book written by KISHORE BIYANI. we observe things everyday. we observe people everywhere but how many of them do realizt the importance of it? he explains how simple and common things can make a big difference. how things can be learnt by observing and can be implemented. one very important aspect he mentions is about doing things in a desi style. he explains concepts that suit to indian culture and tradition. though we are inspired by western style, he in this book gives an indian touch and explains retailing the indian way.

  32. The Book is good reading. Pardon my comment, its all too good to be true. How much fiction added to reality to make it that good? Does he believe is social values and commitments or mere business? If he is committed to a cause, he deserves to be congratulated.

  33. A very goog book motivation label so high for the new generation. Mr. biyani is real king of retail format in india. My wishes always with u .

  34. I is very great book by Kishorji,
    it is learn how to face difficult situation From this book
    we always think positive.
    Every one cant success in our life, few people success in own life who handling a situation
    I like this book

    Liladhar Pawar.

  35. hiii everyboy,
    really this book give u so many lessons and inspriation… i would suggest everybody to read at once………superb book yar

  36. I don’t read books normally. Usually i end up buy books & not finish them (after reading less than 50%). This was the first book i read in 2 sittings (2 weekeneds). Urge to read was so strong that i was waiting for weekend just to finish this book. AMAZING!!!! Simple language, Indian at heart, Broaded picture. Best thing is that you can relate to this as a middle class person. Well Done! Mr KB

  37. u r the real genius and role model for those persons who think we have no knowledge and no degree we cant do anything.

  38. Hello
    Its an amazing book to read if wants to learn how to start a bussiness one has to ready this book i will really help….

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