3 thoughts on “Hello world! 15th August – Independence Day – First Post”

  1. I appreciate the efforts by Greenpeace movement. However, I really appreciate some individuals and organisations who are bringing about a new revolution in mankind through music. All this is done silently at no costs. There are no ticket charges, and no advertisements. Ofcourse, there are donors, and most of them want to remain anonymous.

    I want to mention the name of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, who is touring all over India and the world, giving Healing to thousands by His Music for Meditation and Healing Concerts.
    Anyone interested can go to his official website http://www.dattapeetham.com. Right now, He is in Europe and Canada.

  2. I loved the Photo of Mysore Palace during the Dassera festival. It would be an honour to be present there when its actually on. The photo has managed to capture the twilight as well as the golden hue of the artificial lighting.
    The Navaratri is also being celebrated by Swamiji in Mysore in his own Ashram. Anyone who wants to have a glimpse of Indian ritualistic worship at its height should make it a point to be present there atleast for a few days.
    The 4 main celebrations are Navaratri – ie 9 days before the Dassera, Datta Jayanti- 3 days in December, Shivaratri and Birthday celebrations of Swamiji during May-June which goes on for over a week.

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